You're not just giving,
you're empowering lives.

Four Ways to Give

We’re committed to stamp out food uncertainty, both locally and globally. Our mission is straightforward: to provide immediate and long-term global relief for those in severe need, leading a network of community-driven partnerships to nourish, equip, and eliminate hunger throughout the world.



Global Meal Relief

Provide emergency food relief to those suffering loss, tragedy, and extreme malnutrition until long-term solutions can be executed.
Give Meals  


Sustainable Food Programs

Empower and equip individuals to create long-lasting sources of nutritious food.
Support Programs 


USANA Nutrition

Distribute USANA premium supplements and alternative sources of food with higher levels of nutrients to those suffering extreme malnourishment.
Give Nutrition 



Join a team of passionate individuals who seek out, serve, and provide lasting support for charities and partnerships within their communities.
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