Malnutrion is the world's #1 health threat.
It destroys opportunity, ravages communities, and kills.

But with your help, we're solving it!





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USANA Foundation Ambassadors
Becoming an Ambassador is easy.

There are only 3 things you need to do to qualify.

  1. Serve in your community at least once per quarter.
  2. Make a monthly donation, either here on this website or on your auto order. Any amount makes a difference.
  3.  Share the mission of the USANA Foundation through your social media or presentations.

As an Ambassador, you set the standard for all Associates to follow and ensure “giving back” is an essential part of the USANA lifestyle. You receive priority consideration on all Foundation trips and a chance to be reconized with a USANA Foundation Ambassador Award.

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Serve Your Community

You know the best places to eat, shop, and have fun where you live. You’re also the best person to identify people who are struggling in your community, as well as local charitable organizations that need help.

Ambassadors should be involved in a service project at least once per quarter. Look for opportunities for you and your USANA teammates to serve.

Great places to start are:

  • Food kitchens
  • Homeless shelters
  • Schools
  • Homes for the elderly
  • Hospitals
  • Veterans’ centers
  • Libraries

And remember to invite friends and family to join you—it could be a great way to introduce them to USANA.

Many local opportunities can be found on websites like these:
justserve.org | volunteermatch.org


Join a Service Trip

As you probably know, the USANA Foundation takes groups of associates to many parts of the world where helping hands are needed on site. From delivering food to schools, to building sustainable farms, to protecting at-risk children, these projects change the lives of the people we serve, and the people who do the service.

A sign hangs outside the Baja, Mexico mission home where we have taken USANA Associates for the last five years. It reads - "You wil never be the same." It is true, you will be forever changed after spending a week serving the beautiful children who live there.

Apply now for a chance to join us on an upcoming USANA Service Trip.

Apply Here








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Matching Grant Program
The Matching Grant is a fundraising program in which the USANA Foundation will match every dollar you raise up to a specified goal.

It’s simple.

  1. Find a charitable organization in your community you desire to help. Learn about their needs and how an immediate or long-term food assistance project would help their cause.
  2. Complete a quick and easy application. Include information about the organization, select the grant you would like to apply for, and describe how this grant will help. We will then contact the organization to discuss the details.
  3. If your grant is approved, we will create a sponsorship page on USANAFoundation.org where your friends, family, and members of your community can pitch in their support – similar to a GoFundMe page.

Doubling Your Impact

The USANA Foundation will match every dollar of your donation, up to the approved grant amount. If your grant was approved for $1,000, and you raise $1,000, the Foundation will match the donated amount and your organization will receive a total donation of $2,000.

Countless charities are out there accomplishing incredible things to help their communities. They are all around you. You probably already volunteer with them. Now, you have the opportunity to double your impact.

Get Started Support a Fundraiser